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     What is known today as the "Crocus Inn" was built in the early 1900's by Jacob Barth, a settler credited for founding the neighboring town, Mott. Barth, the "King of Mott," was said to vehemently oppose prohibition. "A novel feature of the home is the two large compartments on either side of the upstairs hall, which are accessible only through the attic. It is believed that these compartments were used to store moonshine in prohibition times." Rhonda Hecker of The Dickinson Press. In addition, the third tread of the stairway could also be lifted to reveal a secret storage compartment below.

     Built along the Cannonball Riverís flood plain, the home was auctioned off July 20, 1997 and made the 15 mile journey to Regent where its structure is as sound as it was 100 years ago.



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Crocus Inn
50 W 2nd St.
Regent, ND 58650

Phone: 701-563-4562

E-mail: crocusinn@yahoo.com



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